I have been in the field of Beauty for 10+ years!

In the Very Beginning, I was a Hairstylist Fresh out of Cosmetology school. It was tough but it was what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a Colorist and Weaveologist ( I don't know if there is such a thing as a Weaveologist anymore ).

While in school back in 2005 during the Cosmetology course we learned Hair, Skin Care, nails and makeup, For some reason, makeup stuck with me and I knew This was something I wanted to get more involved with , I wanted more.

Even though I worked for some time as a hairstylist the passion for that was not as strong.

A few years later ( 2007) I had a friend who wanted to break into modeling and he had known that I was taught the fundamentals of makeup. He wanted me to Be the Makeup Artist for all of his shoots.

And so I was, The photographer gave me the chance to come up with all the looks for all of the models being shot for each shoot and I also was able to build a Portfolio out of all of the work I had done.

Unknowingly my Journey as a makeup Artist began and it continues.

From Starting out as a brand new artist doing Photo shoots to Working for some of the Industry's leading Beauty brands to Being a Lead makeup Artist on an Independent Film to Creating my own line of makeup to Assisting as a Makeup Artist at NYFW in 2017 & 2018 to Becoming a Brand Ambassador for Arch By Billion Dollar Brows  ( A line of really Great Eyebrow Cosmetics ) I'm continuing to try New things and Grow in this Ever changing world of Beauty.

I will always want to Create work that makes me feel good and Work in a field that has always made me feel like this all is second nature.


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